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Company Profile

Levinge Freight Lines is a medium sized transportation company based in Willis, Texas whose management has had the privilege of providing shipping/transport services to the industry since 1964. The Company is committed to providing the highest quality transportation services to its clients coupled with the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Levinge Freight Lines provides specialized less-than-load “LTL,” full-truck-load “FTL” and expedited /hot shot shipping services to the oilfield industry and other equipment and materials requiring flatbed service. Special care is taken with all shipments to protect them from the elements by utilizing side kits and tarps. LTL service lanes include the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and California. Truck Load and expedited services cover the full 48 states.

Levinge Freight Lines’ LTL service is a scheduled LTL service and as part of its specialized services, and distinct from other transporters, provides service with established lanes, pick-up times, and deliveries. In order to facilitate meeting its customer’s needs the Company maintains sub-terminals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Broussard, Louisiana; Casper, Wyoming; and Bakersfield, California.

Mission Statement

At Levinge Freight Lines, we understand that our customers want their products delivered in a reliable and safe manner to the right place, at the right time, without damage, and at a competitive price.  We believe in providing specialized shipping services to our customers to meet these goals with an emphasis on providing outstanding customer service.  Indeed, we believe that it is our conduct and commitment to providing such a level of customer service which will determine whether a shipper continues to use our company to transport its products.  Thus, it is Levinge Freight Lines’ mission to serve its clients as a trusted business partner and provide shipping services with maximum efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Management Team

Management Profile of Southwind Freight and Global Logistics, L.P.
d/b/a Levinge Freight Lines

Welton Terry Goodwin

Mr. Goodwin is Southwind Freight and Global Logistics, L.P.’s vice president of sales, marketing, and customer service and is responsible for the business operations of the company. Mr. Goodwin has 38 years of experience in the transportation industry and related business management. Mr. Goodwin’s past employers include H. M. Plating, Inc., Levinge Corporation and Levinge Transportation, L.L.C.

Richard Levinge

Mr. Levinge is the president and chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Levinge has been continuously employed in the trucking industry since 1964 and possesses more than 44 years of experience in the operation of a trucking business, including less than truckload and full truckload operations, as both a driver and a manager, transporting oilfield materials and implements utilizing tractors with flatbed trailers using side kits and tarps. Mr. Levinge’s past employers include L & A Transportation, Levinge Corporation and Levinge Transportation, L.L.C. His past clients include well-recognized companies in the industry such as Haliburton, Schlumberger, Hydril, and Wood Group.


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