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Levinge Freight Lines has company driver positions available in:

Company drivers enjoy very competitive pay, some drivers bring home between $50,000 to 60,000 per year. In addition, company drivers are provided a full range of company benefits including, but not limited to, participation in the Company’s simple 401K plan, group health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation time, life insurance, room and shower allowances while in transit, and per diem withholding.

Local and regional drivers generally enjoy weekends off from work, and due to the fact the Company operates a scheduled less-than-load service, long haul drivers generally enjoy eight days a month off with the down time being able to be spent at their home.

Drivers have the benefit of assigned units, and the Company provides a daily allowance for the washing and care of a driver’s truck for their comfort and safety and also to maintain a professional image. The Company’s fleet is generally less than 5 years old. Additionally, drivers are issued Comdata cards for fuel purchases and other authorized expenses while on the road, and pre-authorized advances are also available to drivers through the Comdata card.

Applicants are required to have at least two years experience operating a tractor/trailer unit and it is preferred that drivers have a minimum of six months experience using a flat bed trailer. If you do not have experience with using a flat bed trailer, please ask about our paid in-house training program.

In addition to two years experience, applicants must meet all of the requirements imposed by the United States Department of Transportation, the Texas Department of Transportation, and all applicable state and federal regulations regarding the operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Drivers must also have a safe driving record; in order to be considered, an applicant must meet the Company’s and its insurer’s safe driving requirements. The details of these policies and their requirements can be discussed in detail based upon the specific circumstances. However, any driver with an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence within the past ten years is not a candidate for employment with the Company.

For your convenience, a Driver’s Application for Employment is available to you as a part of this website. It can conveniently be completed and returned to the Company through this website, and the Company’s human resources department will contact you immediately after its receipt of a completed application in order to schedule an interview.

Email: or contact our HR Department by calling 936-344-2440 option 5 from the menu.

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