Careers: Dispatch

The Company’s dispatch operations are conducted from its main terminal in Willis, Texas. Dispatchers are assigned a specific geographic area of responsibility and a specific number of drivers and units. The job requires individuals who are highly organized, understand the trucking industry, communicate well, and are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of service to our customers. Personnel working in the dispatch operations rotate their schedules so as to provide continuous coverage for evening shifts and “on-call” weekend responsibilities. This rotating schedule allows these team members the opportunity to plan their schedules and have real time off.

Applicants should possess a minimum of five years experience in dispatch operations. Compensation depends on the applicant’s prior experience, but all salaries are well above standard industry rates.

For your convenience, an Application for Employment is available to you as a part of this website. It can conveniently be completed and returned to the Company through this website, and the Company’s human resources department will contact you immediately after its receipt of a completed application in order to schedule an interview.

Email: or contact our HR Department by calling 877-LEVINGE ext. 224.

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